The "Dunes" offers

During the last decade medical tourism has become very popular in Russia. Medical tourism is a great way to combine leisure and with a wide spectrum of medical services.

The "Dunes" Sanatorium is a perfect place for both medical treatment and relaxation. It is a modern European-level sanatorium center supplied with the newest equipment for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The medical staff of the sanatorium are all highly-qualified specialists who have international medical certificates.

The "Dunes" Sanatorium is situated 40 km away from St Petersburg on the coast of The Gulf of Finland. This territory is covered with relict pine and mixed forests. Such unique geographical location makes it a perfect place for medical tourism.

During the last several years patients of the "Dunes" Sanatorium receive all the required tests (both laboratory and instrumental) and the prescripted treatment according to an individually planned system. Also a lot of attention is dedicated to creating a psychologically comfortable environment by organizing orangeries and wildlife corners.

Patients awaiting surgeries can be offered:

- Additional laboratory tests

- Sanating the hearths of chronical infections

- Medical treatment in order to stimulate the defense powers of the organism

- Psychological preparation

- For patients suffering from musculoskeletal diseases trainings of walking on crutches and preparation for the post-operational period are offered.

There is also a possibility of directing the patient into the best St Petersburg medical institutes for further stationary treatment, including surgery treatment with following return to the sanatorium for rehabilitation. Being located closely to St Petersburg, the "Dunes" Sanatorium allows the patients to be delivered to any required medical institution within a very short period of time.

The "Dunes" offers a wide spectrum of opportunities for early rehabilitation after serious surgeries. The sanatorium's highly qualified medical personnel is on duty 24/7. The conditions created for the patients allow to shorten the time they spend in stationary treatment and to improve the treatment results.


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